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The (Almost) Undeleted
An invitation-only web-forum dedicated to intelligent discussion of SF issues, and nasty discussion of those whom we dislike. So mind your P's & Q's!
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Omphalos' Book Reviews
This is my attempt at documenting the merits of the English language's best two thousand or so science fiction stories.
The Law and Science Fiction
SF authors regularly make comments in their works about where we are as a society, where we are going, or where we have been. My belief is that many of them use legal precepts to help communicate those ideas. Here I will analyze the methods by which SF authors explore those legal issues, and the effectiveness of their use of those tools in their texts.
Frank Herbert Seconday Sources
Here are some of the secondary sources that I am aware of for Dune, by Frank Herbert. It includes the books, theses and dissertations. There are also URL links for some of the more interesting sources on the web I am aware of, with brief descriptions of what is linked to. Please feel free to add to this if you know of any sources that are not listed here.
Omphalos' Blow Hole Noises
My semi-abandoned blog about SF issues and my own family.